Summer is well and truly on its way, long hot days on the beach, barbecues with friends, weddings and of course, Champagne. Who doesn’t love a glass or two of light, bubbly, beautiful Champagne? Many of us however, don’t drink Champagne as often we would like due to one simple fact, how do we prevent wasting what we don’t drink. Champagne is not the cheapest of wines and if we find ourselves having to throw half of the bottle away as it has gone flat, that is a less than ideal situation.

So how can we prevent this awful conundrum, thus allowing us to drink Champagne as and when we feel like??

Look no further, here we present to you 5 wives tales for keeping Champagne fizzy.

Method 1 – A Spoon – I think that most of us have heard of this trick. You simply put a spoon, handle down in to the neck of the bottle. The theory is that the metal from the spoon helps to cool the air inside the bottle, making it denser. This dense air then acts as a barrier on the surface of the wine, preventing the bubbles from escaping.  Now there are many arguments as to wether or not this trick actually helps. Many people, including Chef Luis Bollo from Salinas , insist that it does work. According to  grubstreet.com, Bollo says “It’s not like opening a fresh bottle of Champagne, but you’re going to have a better result with the spoon.”  The people of lifehacker.com seem to agree that this method will keep your Champagne fresh for as long as 24 hours. Mythbusters however,  among many others do not agree.

Why not see for yourself? And if that fails you can always use the spoon to open your Champagne instead, pretty impressive party trick right?

Method 2 – Re-corking – So again this one is pretty simple and seems kind of logical I suppose. Once you have drank as much of the Champagne as you can manage, simply pop the cork back in to the bottle and stop that Carbon Dioxide from escaping thus keeping the Champagne bubbling. As long as the bottle hasn’t been shaken, it should help keep things fresh.

Method 3 – Transferring to a smaller container  – Some people believed that by pouring the Champagne into a smaller container, it would help to keep the Champagne fresh. Now unfortunately this would actually have the opposite effect as the CO2 would be lost in the process of pouring from one container to the other.

Method 4 – Bread – According to Clever Girl Eats , you take a baguette or similar type of doughy bread, remove a big lump of bread from the center of the baguette and push it into the top of the bottle while at the same time sealing the top, literally using the bread dough as a cork.

Method 5 – Tissue – The final method involves making a sort of tissue paper bung to put in to the mouth of the bottle, acting as a cork.

Whether or not these methods truly work seems to be a great source of many a discussion. But being wives tales we won’t risk it and would rather invest in a great Champagne bottle stopper, purposely designed to solve this problem.

Three methods that most seem to agree on however are buying a good quality Champagne, using a Premium Champagne stopper whilst storing said Champagne upright and arguably most important of all keeping it cold. Keeping it the fridge is proven to help as cold is a great preserver of Carbon Dioxide, particularly in liquids.

And remember if all else fails you can always follow the French’s advice of ‘drink it all.’  Why risk it after all?

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