Solving Your Clients Biggest Problem

What! Leftover Sparkling Wine?

Solving your clients biggest problem

What is the biggest problem your clients face when drinking sparkling wines? When they want just one glass after a tough days work or while enjoying a leisurely lunch?

We all know that the bubbles don’t last and that the cork doesn’t fit back into the bottle as it has expanded after opening. Will your client open the bottle and throw the rest away? This is what happens to 624 million bottles of all types of wine per year within the UK alone!

The good news is that according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), UK Champagne, non-Champagne and sparkling wine sales hit a record number in 2018. The combined sales of sparkling wines topped out at 311 million bottles within 12 months, cre-ating an industry worth £1.5 billion and more than doubling national expenditure since 2013.

Would you believe however that according to an online study produced by Laithwaite’s Wine, 24% of customers waste sparkling wine because they opened more than they could drink and 30% of them were unable to close the wine in some way. That is over half of the consumer population!

‘Why worry?’, you may say.

Well, it would be great for businesses practice to turn customers into fans by helping them solve this extremely vexing problem of preserving their sparkling wines. They will love you for it and not only will this strengthen your customer relations, it could potentially double your margins as customers buy more sparkling wine.

What if your clients’ problem becomes your problem?

Frustrated consumers are not happy throwing away their leftover wines and with govern-ments now actively promoting ‘responsible drinking and responsible waste management’, we will most likely see a decline in those upwardly trending sales figures as more consum-ers reject waste. More ‘green’ consumers will decide not to open that expensive bottle as they won’t drink it all at one time, cannot reseal the open bottle and they do not want it to go flat and be wasted.

Of course, there are many very popular wives tales about keeping open sparkling wines fresh including putting a silver spoon or a piece of bread inside the open neck of the bottle. Others say to use a vacuum pump on the bottle, which instead of preserving the fizz – pulls out all the remaining air in the bottle which is responsible for creating the bubbles in the first place! These are exactly what they say they are, wives tales and none of these methods have proven to be effective.

Consumers simply do not know how to keep the fizz in their bubbles and they are unsure about how long a sparkling wine can be consumed after opening. In the Laithwaite’s study, 31% thought that the longest amount of time a sparkling wine could be left open was one to five hours!

Helping your clients to help you – TURN FIVE HOURS IN TO FIVE DAYS

So could you solve your customers biggest problem doubling your margins in the process? Does this sound too good to be true? What if at Avina Wine Accessories we have the answer to this problem?

We manufacture and produce a premium quality and ergonomically designed Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stopper that can preserve any sparkling wine for up to 5 days! With the stopper, that one glass of sparkling wine at lunch or after work becomes more of a re-ality instead of a wish.

The current cost of our Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stopper is priced so for every product that you sell, you get a 100% margin.

Once your client has purchased the stopper, they are much more likely to purchase and to drink more sparkling wine knowing that they can happily preserve the contents for much longer than before. They will not hesitate to open that chilled bottle sitting in the fridge.

So that means that when your profit on a particular sparkling wine is also double its cost price, your revenue will double too! The result is increased sales and margin for you and less wastage for the customer. A win-win situation for you, for a greener planet and your happy, satisfied client.

Request your free sample of the Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stopper here.

Not only do the stoppers function well but they also look great. All Avina products come with a lifetime guarantee which means that your customer only has to make this purchase once while they keep coming back to you for more sparkling wine.

We would love for you to take a look and try out our product. Request your free sample of the Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stopper here.

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