Weekly Wine News Round-up #3

Welcome to Avina’s Weekly News Round-up.

A place for you to stay up to date with what’s going on in the wine industry…all in the time that it takes for you to pour yourself a glass of wine (hint…hint!)

Here’s what we think was some of the best wine info we found this week:

Free Ebook: 5 Great Wine Tasting Tips

Coming soon to the Avina Wine Business Podcast, Colin Harkness… author of the ebook Reveal Hidden Flavours In Your Wine, 5 Great Wine Tasting Tips available as a free download on our website. Colin is an ex-pro football scout (for Liverpool FC), discovering and signing, among others, Michael Owen, who eventually went on to be on of England’s top goal scorers. Colin is a man with many hats in the wine industry including Wine Judge, Writer, Broadcaster, Educator & Critic. He’s involved with Wine Tourism in Spain, is a Member of the CWW (Circle of Wine Writers) and also works as a Cruise Speaker.

A Beginner’s Guide to Champagne

One of our favourite subjects is Champagne – we love to celebrate with it, to drink it and to see those beautiful bubbles rising upwards and tickling the nose. We even designed a leakproof Champagne Stopper to keep it fresh when we are unable to finish a bottle or just want to keep it safe from spillage. Here’s a great article about this very subject from our friends at Wine Enthusiast #champagneday 

Is Blue Wine Any Good?

Blue bubbles you may say? Well, yes! Skyfall Brut Gran Reserva is a sparkling wine made with the best Cavas, along with added natural colour to make it a beautiful blue colour. It is ideal for special events pairing perfectly with starters, seafood and desserts and its fruity flavour makes it an ideal base for aperitifs. It’s even vegan as it contains no animal proteins. Find out what winemaker, YouTuber and wine writer Julien Miquel thinks about it here:

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