Weekly Wine News Round-up #6

It’s Friday! So time to pour yourself another glass of wine and get ready for what we think was some of the best, most fun and most thought-provoking news of the week…

As the leaves start to fall…

If it’s starting to feel chilly in your part of the world, take a peek here to see how you can enjoy those longer autumn evenings that lead into winter. This is a great article by Kelly Vaughn from Real Simple on how to make a great mulled wine using red or white wine (depending on how sweet and fruity you want it to taste. A lovely talking point for around the fire…

Friday Fun

Are you a wine trivia fan? Then look no further. Madeline Puckette from Wine Folly has produced this fun fact sheet so you can entertain and wow your friends, family and clients around the table. If you would like to know some interesting insights on wine content, wine production and a bunch of other wine knowledge essentials…look no further.

Supporting your causes through your choices

The question is…should we bring our ethics, politics and morals into our drinking habits? Discussed by Adam and Zach from Vine Pair – this thought provoking podcast can help you align your consumer habits with what you want to support and assist in this world without compromising on taste.

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