Weekly Wine News Round-up #2

Welcome to Avina’s Weekly News Round-up.

 A place for you to stay up to date with what’s going on in the wine industry…all in the time that it takes for you to pour yourself a glass of wine (hint…hint!)

Here’s what we think was some of the best wine info we found this week:

We love drinking it but do you search for the right words when talking about wine? Impress those around you with your wine knowledge and the use of broad vocabulary to describe what you are experiencing… Never trip up when talking about wine again with this handy lexicon of helpful wine terms.

Spain Launches #TasteRueda for UK retailers

Every region in Spain produces fantastic wines but many people around the globe are not yet familiar with the sheer volume of different wines actually made here. Are you interested in this Spanish promotion to encourage UK sales of Verdejo from Rueda.

The New Electric Bentley Is Made With Vegan Grape Leather

What do cars and grapes have in common? Well if you can believe it, the new electric Bentley could provide an opportunity for grape growers! Read on to find out more.

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